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ISAM AG is a German software company that develops and implements automation solutions that enable industry, commerce and service suppliers to increase their business's performance. With a strong presence in the Australian mining industry, İSAM AG faced one serious challenge, finding a cost-effective CFO to support their Australia operations.

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While iSAM AG has a local team and network of Australian clients, to comply with the Australian laws of the land, to manage local business finances and legal elements, iSAM AG needed a high-level executive (CFO) to perform all of their industry reporting requirements. This role also needed to manage the operational demands of cash flow, and negotiations with banks and financial institutions. The problem was, iSAM AG did not need a full-time CFO, nor wanted to incur the expense for the duties required.


As a team of financial controllers and accountants, we know where to look for top talent. For iSAM AG, however, we needed to find a CFO with the knowledge and experience of the highest level financial officer for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. In this case, we engaged Virtual CFO services for around 50% less than what iSAM AG was expecting to pay. Even better, with our network, we were able to put the right person in place within a month, quickly meeting all Australian requirements.

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